Enhance your Supply Chain's Competitiveness

Identify, Measure, Analyse the critical datapoints & leakages to further Optimize them to have a streamlined & efficient logistics movement.

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Enhance your Supply Chain's Competitiveness


Reduction in Freight Cost


Increase in SLA Adherance


Increase in Operation Efficiency


Increase in CSAT Score

Dispatch Planning Optimization

Optimize Logistics Efficiency with Automated Dispatch Planning for Cost-Effective Operations

NaaviQ's Automated Dispatch Planning streamlines operations by generating efficient dispatch plans enhancing overall logistics efficiency and reducing cost leakages effectively.

  • Load Clubbing
  • Route Optimization
  • Vehicle Utilization
  • Transporter Allocation based on freight rates, vendor performance and SOB.
NaaviQ:Dispatch Planning Optimization
NaaviQ:Carrier Collaboration & Truck Procurement

Carrier Collaboration & Truck Procurement

Efficient Carrier Collaboration with Streamlined Truck Procurement for Optimal Logistics Operations.

Expedite and streamline the procurement, enhance communication with multiple carriers and eliminate back-and-forth in truck procurement for optimized logistics efficiency.

  • Indent Management
  • Spot Bidding
  • E-Tendering Module

Tracking and Visibility

Elevate Consignment Tracking with Real-Time Visibility for Enhanced Logistics Efficiency.

Monitor shipments at every stage, ensuring timely deliveries, reducing uncertainties, and empowering stakeholders with comprehensive information for informed decision-making. Improve efficiency, customer satisfaction, and overall logistics performance.

NaaviQ:Tracking and Visibility
NaaviQ: E-POD and Delivery Issue Management

E-POD and Delivery Issue Management

Streamline Proof-of-Delivery Receiving and Automate Delivery Issue Penalty Reconcilation

Revolutionize consignment delivery using an OTP-based E-POD Module, allowing real-time POD uploads by any of the delivery stakeholders and enhancing efficiency, transparency, and accuracy in the delivery process. Also, efficiently manage delivery issues by instant recording damages or shortages and leveraging NaaviQ's auto penalty calculation algorithm, ensuring transparent and efficient claims resolution.

Customer Feedback Management

Elevate Customer Satisfaction with Automated Feedback Management System.

Transform customer feedback with NaaviQ's automated, real-time, user-friendly customer feedback loop which encourages feedback and identifies delivery issues, enabling businesses to enhance customer satisfaction, address concerns promptly, and continuously refine their service quality.

NaaviQ: Customer Feedback Management
NaaviQ:Freight Auditing

Freight Auditing

Optimize Freight Auditing, Save Time and Eliminate Cost Leakages Effectively.

NaaviQ's Intelligent Freight Audit Module validates transport bills by automatically approving bills matching contracted rates and highlighting discrepancies. This ensures accuracy, reducing manual effort, and optimizes cost control, enhancing transparency and efficiency in freight operations.


Empowering Logistics Excellence with Data-Driven Decisions for Optimal Performance Enhancement.

The Dashboard is a powerful tool to measure performance, analyze trends, and continuously improve logistics strategies for optimal outcomes. Empowering Supply Chain Leaders with actionable insights, it presents comprehensive data in a user-friendly format, enhancing strategic planning, improving efficiency, and ensuring optimal performance across the logistics spectrum.

NaaviQ: Analytics
NaaviQ: Control Tower

Control Tower

Gain Control of your Supply Chain Movement, Mitigate Risk, Minimize Delays and Identify Anomalies Proactively

The Logistics Control Tower provides a vigilant, hawk-eye view, swiftly identifying and addressing anomalies in the supply chain. Offering real-time insights and comprehensive visibility, it enables proactive decision-making. This central command hub enhances efficiency, mitigates risks, and ensures a streamlined and responsive Logistics Management System.

How NaaviQ TMS Works

  • Discovery Phase
    Discovery Phase

    Client onboarding process is initiated and requirements are gathered.

  • Master Creation
    Master Creation

    NaaviQ imports data from client's database to create its own master.

  • Integration

    NaaviQ integrates with GPS Service Providers and SAP/ERP for Order Inflow and POD submission.

  • Depot Training
    Depot Training

    NaaviQ's dedicated KAM provides product hand holding to the depots managers, the transporters and drivers.

  • Go Live
    Go Live

    Customer Site goes live and NaaviQ's support team remains available 24 x 7 for any other support required.

Why Choose NaaviQ TMS?

End-to-End Integration

Seamlessly manage every aspect of your transportation process within a unified platform.

User-Friendly Interface

Our intuitive design ensures that you can navigate the system with ease, minimizing training time for your team.


Whether you're a small business or an enterprise, NaaviQ TMS grows with you. Our scalable solutions adapt to your evolving needs


Trust is the foundation of logistics. NaaviQ TMS is built on a robust infrastructure, ensuring the reliability and security of your data

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