We are changing the logistics industry using artificial intelligence and machine learning by introducing a smart, efficient and easy to use platform simplifies the operations that empowers operators and drivers to gather valuable data and reduce risks, costs and delays.

Control Center

Manage operations and processes remotely

Iot Platform

Increased control from sensors and cloud computing

Driver App

No more misplaced proof of deliveries

Fleet Management

Track vehicles, deliveries and documents with ease

Control Center

Your business, on the cloud

Empower your business by remotely managing operations and processes to improve efficiency and accountability

Key Features

Intelligent Alerts

Get real-time alerts, notifications and updates on each delivery from every stakeholder involved.

Comprehensive Fleet Management

Improved fleet performance with optimized payload, route, driver and insights.

Digitized Operations

Single dashboard allows for hassle free operations and task oriented approach for each user.

E Waybill Management

End to end E Waybill management made easy, by seamlessly connecting Consignor, Consignee and Transporter.

Effortless Integration

Hasslefree migration from SAP and other ERPs. Equally easy is uploading excel databases.

Driver Mobile App

With 2 clicks capture Electronic proof of deliveries with digital signature, along with relevant trip related data.

Fleet & Field Force Management

Create organized workflows and seamless communication.

Fleet tracking

GPS tracking with real-time alerts on speed, fuel consumption, delivery of goods, breakdown etc. ensuring complete visibility on vehicle, driver and assets.

Valued client experience

Increased client satisfaction with timely updates. Workflow optimization helps key-operators make better decision to provide quality service.

Effective operations

AI and ML- based system provides analytics based on complex constraints, along with reminders of permits and documents.

IoT platform with customized solutions

Get customised solutions to resolve process constraints, increase transparency and efficiency of your logistics operations by securing data from key points like vehicle, driver, assets, warehouse, and a host of hardware peripherals that communicate with the Naaviq platform to deliver valuable insights with strong algorithms constantly working on simplifying constraints.

Driver App

An easy to use powerful tool for tracking deliveries and capturing essential data.
  • Dynamic Delivery Allocation
  • Tracking and Alerts
  • EPOD and Digital Signatures
  • Driver and Vehicle Documents

Dynamic Delivery Allocation

Increase delivery success by allocating deliveries to drivers based on score, route efficiency and driving behaviour. The multilingual app is easy to use and teach.

Tracking and Alerts

Reduced follow-ups with automatic location updates. Custom alerts for various deliveries including geofencing alerts, vehicle breakdown, E-waybill expiry and extensions that reduce delays with real time updates.

EPOD and Digital Signatures

Prevent receipt of goods evasion by customer with our QR code imbedded Goods Receipt and E Waybill that always available to the driver, coupled with email and sms alerts to all stakeholders.

Driver and Vehicle Documents

Revised norms of Govt.of India and acceptance of digital documents means your delivery is secure on road from any security checks that arise en-route.

E Waybill Management

Legally compliant processes

End to end E Waybill creation and management with data validation from invoice. It connects the Consignors, Consignees and Transporters on the Naaviq platform.

Quick Bill Generation

Invoice data uploaded or integrated with ERP's like SAP etc. is mapped and validated with E-waybill portal to reduce errors. Part-A and B, handled with ease.

Custom Notifications and Updates

Core functionalities of bulk generation, splitting payload, extending E Waybills are single click with updates on Expiry, Vehicles breakdown, etc.

Synced with Driver App

QR code and details available on the go to the driver and other stakeholders. Apart from the app, updates are sent via email and sms.


Reduce business stress and improve efficiency with Naaviq.

Working with partners with 30+ years of experience and expertise in the logistics and transport industry, the NAAVIQ platform is geared to empower operators, business owners and logistics companies to move their daily operations to the cloud, and helping them track fleet, assets, drivers and gauge transporter performance from anywhere, anytime and on any device.

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